Jerrick's Portfolio

Jerrick applies macro processes to multiple streams of revenue within its proprietary technology ecosystem. Revenue streams become independently valuable in a digital environment and represent portable values in a technology portfolio.
Jerrick Technology develops technology-based solutions to solve important problems.
Though the combination of design and data, we build products that influence millions of people worldwide. The success of Jerrick’s first product Vocal continues to surface derivative ideas and new opportunities for development. By leveraging the Jerrick Partners network for resources, support, and funding, Jerrick Technology is uniquely positioned to generate value for JMDA shareholders.
Jerrick Partners actively seeks companies and assets with high growth potential.
The success of Jerrick’s flagship product Vocal expanded a network of sophisticated investors and technology experts. Jerrick Partners leverages this group’s management expertise, positive selection, and valuable data. The application of our internal technology and proprietary process leverages direct equity investment opportunities both for Jerrick Partners and its expanding network of collaborators and investors.
Jerrick Global is the application of Jerrick’s macro business and design theories for expanding business opportunities in a global digital community.
Jerrick Global builds localized business franchises, combining bespoke development with reduced capital expenditures. Optimizing and leveraging Jerrick’s technology and growth strategy generates outsized opportunities for geographical locations outside of the US while creating significant value for JMDA shareholders.

Jerrick expects to release its first Jerrick Global presentation in early 2020.