Jerrick is now Creatd (Nasdaq: CRTD).

Creatd develops technology-based solutions to solve important problems.


Vocal is a platform that provides storytelling tools and engaged communities for creators and brands to get discovered and fund their creativity.
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Vocal for Brands

Vocal for Brands partners with brands to create beautiful, campaign-optimized stories on Vocal that build brand affinity and trust, and drive results.
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Seller's Choice

Seller’s Choice is a full-service digital marketing firm for online sellers, that helps them grow their e-commerce business with Amazon, Google, SEO, PPC, social media, and design solutions.
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Project OG

Inspired by legendary media mogul Bob Guccione and his publishing empire General Media, Project OG is a collection of archival content and licensing opportunities spanning three decades of intellectual property.
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Creatd is primed to expand organically through acquisitions and global application of its proprietary technology.


We can help revitalize and resuscitate distressed media content from legacy sites that rely on intrusive marketing tactics. Our ideal investment opportunities and acquisition candidates are media libraries, online communities, DTC brands, and agencies that we can integrate into our Vocal platform and Vocal for Brands studio businesses.

White-labeled opportunities

Vocal’s underlying technology can be customized and adapted for companies and organizations looking to cultivate their own digital community within a beautiful, easy to navigate content network.
Potential white-labelled applications include:
Professional sports
Healthcare systems
Professional societies
Financial services

Content without borders

Vocal can be replicated and adapted for use in localized markets, and generate outsized value for any geographical region we enter.
Our expertise in content moderation, platform security, and community building is the ideal solution for investors across the world seeking to empower the people and businesses in their region.