Jerrick is now Creatd (Nasdaq: CRTD).

We value intellect, abstract thinking, and work ethic.

A career is not the same as a job. Here’s what we ask of our team:

Be a team player

We think differently and always remain aligned. We gain and give knowledge to the collective. We learn from each other when we are both right and wrong.

Be transparent

We believe in radical transparency. We think ambiguity is the fundamental problem of corporate communications. We say what we do and we do what we say.

Be adaptive

We built our culture to be flexible. We adapt our decisions to accommodate changing facts and circumstances without compromising our core values.

Be your best

We believe work ethic can define an individual. We believe the key to success is being the best version of yourself that you can ever be. We strive to elevate our standards every day.

Be a problem solver

We believe real world problems deserve real world problem solvers. We embrace challenges and deliver solutions. We focus on evolving our process to solve complex problems.

Be curious

We believe that curiosity fuels big ideas. We are hungry for knowledge and eager to acquire it. We dig deep to gain insights and ask a lot of questions.

Open Positions

As Creatd's portfolio of companies expands, we’re continuing to look for great people who are passionate about improving the world around them through the thoughtful application of design, technology, and business acumen.

Sales Assistant
We are seeking a Sales Assistant who will be key in helping the sales team execute on new and existing revenue opportunities.
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Sales Operations Associate
We are seeking a Sales Operations Associate who will execute on our brand engagement strategy to drive growth.
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Customer Success Associate
We’re looking for a Customer Success Associate, someone who will make our team stronger and be accretive to Creatd's culture.
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Business Operations Associate
We’re looking for a Business Operations Associate, someone who will make our team stronger and be accretive to Creatd's culture by thinking abstractly and executing tactically.
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General Application
We're always looking for talented freelancers and permanent teammates to join our team.
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Digital Marketing Sales Assistant
We are seeking a Digital Marketing Sales Assistant to join Creatd and its subsidiary, Seller’s Choice.
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